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Review: Vegan Cuts Snack Box

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I was invited to review the Snack Box service from Vegan Cuts. Founded by some swell Canadians named Jill and John, Vegan Cuts aims to make it fun and easy to discover new vegan products and shop vegan.

I actually got connected with Jill through their previous blog Vegan Backpacker. Way back once upon a time when Joe and I were in the pre-production phase of “The Intrepid Herbivores” I was reaching out to a lot of vegan bloggers to promote our original Kickstarter campaign. This ended up being an awesome way to get connected with a lot of really cool individuals and I am always happy to find people on likeminded missions with whom to join forces. So because Jill and John were so supportive of our endeavor, even in its early days, by pledging to our successful fundraiser and even inviting me to write a guest post on their blog while we were in Thailand, I have always felt a certain loyalty to them and the work they do. So this brings me to my confession. I am not into online shopping. AT. ALL. Like, not even a little bit. Super not my thing. However, in the knowledge that not everybody in the world lives in Portland, Oregon like I do, where we have access to pretty much everything a girl like me could want in the world of vegan food and cruelty-free products, and in the interest of  remembering that as consumers we ALWAYS have a choice of what kind of practices we are supporting with our hard-earned money, I am glad that their service exists. They facilitate the consumption of products that are manufactured in good conscience in terms of use, exploitation, and suffering of animals. So sweet! I’d love to review a Snack Box.

The Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a subscription service. For $19.95 a month you automatically get a shipment of snacks and sample (sometimes full) sized versions of different products. It’s a fun idea.

The contents, in total entirety. Nothing missing whatsoever.

The contents, in total entirety. Nothing missing whatsoever.

In my box I received all of these things. There are some chippy things, some cookie things, chia seeds, some drink powders, a SUPER SCORE jar of vegan parmesan cheese-like topping, and a peanut butter flavored lip balm which I at first thought I would find utterly disgusting (I’m obsessed with peppermint), but sitting here mushing it around on my mouth, I would say for me it’s the surprise sleeper hit of the package. As far as the service goes, I think I am not the target audience for this kind of thing. I don’t tend to purchase very many packaged food items at all, and I have access to all of the cutting edge goods at my local shops thanks to the city in which I live. But because every month your package will be different, I imagine that every month will have some hits and misses depending on what the person receiving it is inclined to use. I, for instance, never utilize grape-flavored powdered electrolytes or dehydrated microgreen smoothie mix, so while I appreciate the opportunity to try them, I didn’t really get excited to unpack them. I do, however, find the jar of parmesan to be quite a treat, because it is something I’ve never bought and wouldn’t have otherwise, and in trying it, I am looking forward to having it around for a while.

Yeah, that's pretty good.

Yeah, that’s pretty good.

In summary, is it worth committing $19.95 for a grab bag of stuff? If you were to add up the individual monetary value of everything you get, you are probably saving quite a bit of money. But maybe not all of it is something you would want to buy.  But if you like gambling, you are definitely getting a good value. If you live someplace that does not have a wide selection of vegan products and you want a breath of fresh air and ideas of what is available, you are in for a series of pleasant surprises. But if you are like me and think it’s fun to spend your entire afternoon making soymilk, figuring out how to bake the resulting leftover pulp into bread, and researching how much space you would need to grow enough of your own soybeans to support your nondairy milk needs for next year so you can stop purchasing beans from the bulk department of the store…I might not find all the packaged products as useful. But they certainly are fun! Oh…and I have one more confession.

There was also an Earnest Eats dark choco-mint baked whole food bar. It is not pictured. It kind of…didn’t make it into the photo. But the positive side of this confession is that The Vegan Cuts Snack Box may have saved my life. I hadn’t gotten around to examining the contents of my delivery when I was racing out the door to report to my job as a tour guide the other day. I knew that after biking to work, getting set up and ready to lead two consecutive 1:45 walking tours I was going to need what else…a snack. But I hadn’t had the time to grind my own soybeans that day or harvest any food out of the ground! What to do! That box was a beacon of light in a time of need. I frantically tore through the packaging, with great relief I seized the bar, guiltily threw it in my bag even though I felt like I was stealing, and remembered to snap a quick photo on the run. Thank you Vegan Cuts Snack Box. I had two awesome tours thanks to the surprise contents of a well made care package!






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