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Hanami time!

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sakuraA while back I wrote about my first visit to Japan, and how my experience of food there dropped the seed that germinated into the present sapling called “The Intrepid Herbivores.” It’s been six years since then and that experience shaped and molded me in many ways. I keenly look forward to returning there one day soon–but never so much as in the spring. I was there during cherry blossom season. Actually, I was there right as that year’s very first sakuras were just beginning to shyly, and then exuberantly, burst forth. I remember stopping for bottled green tea at a convenience store outside of Kagoshima where the clerk, bursting with pride, led me outside and pointed up a nearby hill, making sure I got a glimpse of those first tender blooms as they emerged from their winter nap. I loved Japan. I’ve met a lot of kind, welcoming, accommodating and friendly people all over the world, but for overall hospitality I have to say my experience in Japan was unparalleled. Which is why every spring since then, if I’m in a locale with a climate that supports cherry blossoms, I am swept up in nostalgia and longing for this place that feels as old and deep as the ocean that flavors much of its cuisine, and as delicate and graceful as the pink blossoms that are an icon of the culture.


All sushi will be herbivore-approved!

So this spring I invite you to join The Intrepid Herbivores for a hanami –cherry blossom viewing party–on Saturday, March 30. There is a long and lively tradition of friends and families coming together during this season of awakening to enjoy food and company while basking in the fragrant pink trees that bloom overhead. We’ll meet near the Japanese American Historical Plaza along Portland’s west waterfront. If you feel inclined, please enjoy the opportunity to play in the kitchen and bring vegan versions of your favorite Japanese treats. I am learning how to make mochi for the occasion. I’ll probably also attempt to make some dango and vegetable sushi rolls. I am really enjoying reading Wagashi Maniac for inspiration and ideas!

Please join the Facebook event for details and to RSVP.

And look! It's me and my friend Andrea in Kyoto, 2007.

And look! It’s me and my friend Andrea in Kyoto, 2007.

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