The Intrepid Herbivores

A vegan TV show about Travel and Food

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Trailers and blenders!

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I know our promotional efforts have been fogged up lately with lots of talk about vegan cheeses and dreams of jalapeño peppers, but it’s all just a roundabout tactic to continue building support for our show–which, if you’re new here–is The Intrepid Herbivores: The Future Number 1 International Travel Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Food.

See…we went to Thailand and visited elephants in a sanctuary. They’re so cool.

Since filming and completing the pilot episode (a compassionate culinary adventure around Thailand), we have been holding it pretty close to the chest and coddling it like a vulnerable infant while we continue to build an empire into which we may release it to frolic safely and successfully. We have a beautifully edited 26 minute full episode, and an equally beautiful and exciting 4.5 minute preview, edited by Jon Meyer and Rachel Sharkeye. We have decided that its time has come and we want you all to see the preview. We want a LOT of people to see the preview. We want everyone on the internet to see the preview. The preview is sweet and it’s ready to come out.

So please help us! As you can imagine, garnering sponsorship and media backing to fund the rest of the first season requires a solid show of supporters and a big built-in audience, and that’s where FACEBOOK comes in. We currently have just over 1,400 fans (hi fans!). We will release the pilot when we reach 2,500 fans (hi new fans!). So please help us. Share our page, tell your friends, get out the good word about The Intrepid Herbivores!


And just to sweeten the deal, a great entryway into a new Facebook relationship is the opportunity to win FREE STUFF! We are raffling off a gorgeous KitchenAid Blender (like new, super expensive retail value, no kidding). Sharing our page gets you an entry, linking the contest to your blog gets you another, the possibilities just go on and on. The giveaway page is here. Share it to your Facebook. It has nothing to do with travelling, unless you are the type who brings a blender with you on every trip. I have actually met people who do that, so don’t laugh. I helped someone carry a suitcase up a flight of stairs and it was really heavy, turns out there was a blender inside. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO. If you have been looking for a good sturdy travel blender, this could be the one for you! Good luck and thank you for helping promote the future #1 international travel guide to vegan and vegetarian food!

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