The Intrepid Herbivores

A vegan TV show about Travel and Food

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Portland (live) Premiere!

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We are very excited to be part of Portland’s 5th Annual Try Vegan Week with a special event–the first-ever public screening of the pilot episode of “The Intrepid Herbivores!” That’s right, all 26 minutes of its glory, on the screen, for you to behold for the first time.

After the viewing we will lead an informal discussion about the challenges (plus solutions) and delights of traveling as a vegan. The panel will be rounded out by Stephanie Golisch and Elisabeth TresCosas. Both intrepid herbivores in their own rights, Elisabeth will share her experiences foraging on the European Continent and Stephanie will weigh in with tales of vegan food in such far-reaching locales as New Zealand, South America and lots of places in between! Are you an intrepid herbivore or inspired to be one? Come with your questions, stories and your own words to the wise–everyone who wants to speak up will have a chance to.

Event details:

Saturday, August 4th, 4:30pm

People’s Food Co-Op (in the Community Room): 3029 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR 97202

If you like you may RSVP and receive any pertinent updates through the Facebook invitation.
Try Vegan PDX is a vegan outreach group in Portland, Oregon. Their goal is to help people who have made the decision to go vegan by offering resources, support and community-building activities. This year’s 5th Annual Try Vegan Week will be held August 4-12.


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