The Intrepid Herbivores

A vegan TV show about Travel and Food

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Now! I (Sadie) wrote a piece about the show for the Spring 2012 issue of Vegan Mainstream Magazine. There is a sneak preview available before the full issue comes out later this month. Our piece is not in the preview (sorry!) but it will be in the full issue. If you’d like to check it out in the meantime (and/or pre-order the full issue!)  you can do so here.

In the meantime, I thought I would give you a lazy blog post in the form of links to other blogs to which I’ve submitted show-related pieces. Some of the material therewith is similar to each other (and similar to topics I’ve mentioned here), but I thought that now we have our own little corner of the internet I’d take a moment to at least promote our friends at other sites who have been supportive of us.

The Vegan Backpackers are our kindred spirits in every sense of the word! I mean, look at them! They are two people who travel around the world eating vegan food! Who DOES that?! We had met them online while preparing for our trip to Thailand (they were kind enough to promote our Kickstarter campaign through their site), and we got to meet Jill in person while she was in Portland for the Vida Vegan conference last summer. Their blog is sweet, as are they. This is our guest post to their blog.

Many of you probably already know about Happy Cow. If you’re vegetarian and have ever eaten in a restaurant, it’s likely that you’ve looked them up and made use of their invaluable resources. We contributed this little article from Thailand and were sure honored to be included in the great-grandmama of vegan travel resource sites!

Ah, the internet. How she provides for us.




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