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Post-production superheroes!

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Ah, the pilot. Filmed on location in Thailand so very many moons ago. Months in the planning, weeks in the shooting, and nearly a year in the in-between.

But now, for all intents and purposes at least, it is done.

Did I really just say that? It is done.

A few things may still end up being tweaked ever-so-slightly, but what we have in our possession is 26 minutes of non-stop exciting traveling vegan culinary ACTION!

So I would like to take a moment to go find a hat and put it on so I can take it off to editors Jon Meyer and Rachel Sharkeye of Day 1000 Films, the dynamic duo whose work has been so instrumental in making this possible.

We had held out for several months without showing the footage to anyone, because we were waiting to find the right editor who we felt understood the project and its intended spirit, would be able to exemplify and enhance it with top-of-the-line knowledge of technological possibilities, and had an energetic point of view that would give the piece a shiny, dewy layer of freshness and pizazz that would differ from what we could ever hope to ply out of our own work. We met Jon and Rachel at a gathering on July 4 and it quickly became apparent that their operation was exactly what we were looking for.

From what I understand, Rachel got the daunting task of trimming all of the chaff away from the 16-or-so hours of footage we gave them. She cut away everything that was unusable, such as all the times I tried to stare Joe down with death-eyes for asking for another take, the occasional bad word, or the time Joe almost stepped on a passing baby. Since we were only a two-person crew a LOT that happened “off camera” was captured on camera, so she had a very big job to discreetly cut out all of the bad parts. I actually can’t believe she still talks to me, since I was kind of a cranky jerkface in a lot of those takes and she didn’t really know me very well when she was first going through them. Anyway.

Jon then went over everything that was good and made it look AWESOME. He salvaged slightly weird takes that had stutters or minor mishaps and edited the conversational flow into one that moves along at a much more engaging pace. He cut in some interesting b-roll and made some very clever cuts and jumps and really sweet enhancements (such as some cool fast-motion actions). I’m sure he did a lot of other stuff that I don’t even know about. He formed the best bits into a rough one-hour cut. That was when the biggest discussions about content and narrative flow came into play. We had to collectively decide what made for the most compelling stories and which segments had to, sadly, be abandoned. We would meet at their office and go back and forth over certain scenes, with Rachel taking detailed notes and Jon and Joe getting excitedly sidetracked about geeky equipment stuff. 🙂

Then, down to approximate running time, they added music and word graphics as appropriate. It’s so exciting every time a piece of text pops up on the screen…I can’t explain why. It just enthralls me.

We have been so astounded by the work these two have done and really feel they have gone above and beyond even what we would expect from the professionals that they are. It is so amazing to see what an outside perspective can do for footage we are so invested in and sometimes self-critical of. They both have great eyes for all that is fun and interesting and keen senses of timing. Seeing our work through their eyes is just amazing.

You can learn more about these fine humans at:

They are currently working on an awesome original film; they are the type of people who are always working on something! Their prolific creativity is quite inspiring.  Thanks, you two!

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