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“Now you’ve woken the dragon!”

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This post is to commemorate the specific dragonfruit that gave itself to the opening sequence of “The Intrepid Herbivores” pilot. This specimen, pictured, features prominently as a prop in the introductory monologue, albeit in its full, uncut form. After we were finished filming for the day we sliced into it and enjoyed it as a snack. This particular dragonfruit was a thing of beauty; with smooth fuchsia skin sturdily wrapped around tender white innards, flecked with delicate shiny black seeds. Its flavor is very lightly sweet and almost floral in nature; the seeds are as innocuous as those of a kiwi. The dragonfruit (kaeo mangkon in Thai) is the fruit of the pitaya cactus. Cool!

Dragonfruit was just coming into season as we were leaving Thailand last year in March, so I imagine it might still be flourishing right now, or the season may be just coming to a close now at the beginning of April. We had tasted our first one on our first day in Thailand at the beginning of February. That one was okay but not terribly exciting to behold in the mouth–it seemed at that time like something that was fancy and pretty to look at but didn’t have the flavor to match its decorative outsides. However, when we cut this one open on the last day of our trip in early March, it proved to be a memorably delicious experience–unlike any fruit I’d ever eaten before. It had certainly come into its own as its season to shine had dawned. We savored this one at a cafe table in the downstairs area of our hostel as we were waiting for a cab to the airport. Dragonfruit grows throughout Southeast Asia as well as in Mexico, Central America and South America. Doesn’t the prospect of fresh tropical fruit make you want to plan an adventure?

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