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I promise I will write about things other than fundraiser dinners, but we’ve had a recent flush of requests for more specific information about this so I thought I would share it here!

While we will be scheduling more open dates soon, a trend that has popped up recently is THE INTREPID HERBIVORES DINNER ON DEMAND! Instead of showing up at our house alone, why not collect a big handful of your friends and come over together? We will book a private party just for you upon request. That’s right. You provide 8-12 people of your own choosing. Set a date with us. We provide four courses of homemade vegan Thai food. Your guests each make a $20 donation toward our post production expenses and you all enjoy a special evening together doing something a little different.

We hold these at our home in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood. 10 is the optimal number of guests but we can accommodate up to 12 with a minimum of 8.  We have a beautiful large handmade old-growth-reclaimed wood table that Joe made, and some cool cushions to sit around it on. We have a video projector and a convenient wall upon which we will show you our exciting 4-minute teaser video. We spend the whole afternoon cooking up a tropical storm of exotic food and you get to kick back and enjoy it. Gluten free meals are available upon request.

For further information or to book a date, contact Joe will even wear these glasses for you.





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