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“The Bangkok Vegetarian Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide”

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When we traveled to Thailand to film this pilot, we did a lot of research–much more so than for any other trip I had ever taken. We had a lot of destinations plotted out and a lot of ideas of things and places to look for. That said, there were still plenty of discoveries and surprises at  hand.

One such surprise that was delightfully relevant to the purpose of this trip, was the discovery of The Bangkok Vegetarian Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide” by Herwin Walravens. This is a little book that is precisely what it says it is–a pocket sized guide book to all of the vegan restaurants in Bangkok! What a gold mine! We met and interviewed Herwin for the show, but since an adequate discussion of the book didn’t quite make it into the final cut (sorry, Herwin!), I thought I’d give a little write up here.

Herwin is an incredibly kind and personable ex-pat from The Netherlands who has been living in Thailand with his wife and family for many years. Herwin spent uncountable hours literally pedaling through the streets of Bangkok, street after street, alley after alley, on his bicycle, finding, visiting and cataloging every vegan restaurant he could locate. His book is a small, compact publication with bi-lingual (Thai and English) descriptions of over 80 eating establishments! It includes photos, reviews and maps and is a really great resource.

We heard about Herwin and his book from another tourist couple we met at May Kaidee’s restaurant on our very first day in town. Since it was not quite a mainstream publication we had to go on a bit of a quest to find Herwin, but our search was well rewarded by a lovely afternoon in his restaurant, Herwin’s Vegan Cafe.  We told him about “The Intrepid Herbivores” project and he was very enthusiastically supportive, and spent quite some time talking with us not only about the vegan dining scene in Bangkok and not only about what it’s like to be a vegan and vegan business owner in Bangkok, but about some of the core essential ideas behind veganism itself.  He is a wonderful person and we wholeheartedly endorse the idea that you go visit if you find yourself in Bangkok. There is even a guestroom for rent above the cafe, so you can rest in the glow of this warm and friendly little establishment.

Herwin’s Vegan Cafe

293/32 Soi Kamchai Iamsuri, Surawong Road, Bangkok.

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