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A vegan TV show about Travel and Food

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Not quite one night in Bangkok, but still…

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During the past year we have been raising money for post-production expenses through a series of dinner parties. We had the idea after taking cooking courses in Bangkok and Chiang Mai (two of which will be featured in the pilot). Since we came home with fun new knowledge about Thai ingredients and cooking techniques, why not share them along with information and enthusiasm about the project.

So every so often we clear off the big dining table which also doubles as workspace (I’m typing on it right now!) and sometimes-sound studio (see previous post), take a big shopping trip to People’s Food Co-op and Uwajimaya, fire up the video projector, and open the doors.

By reservation only we typically host between ten and twelve people. In return for a $20 donation toward post-production of the pilot, we share four courses of fresh homemade vegan Thai food and some images from the trip. The purpose is, yes, to raise money, but also to get our friends and friends of friends excited about the work we’ve been doing and the future of the series.

Recently our friend Ryan had the great idea to host his own Intrepid Herbivores fundraiser gathering. He booked an evening and has collected about ten of his own friends to come over to our house and be part of this special tradition. We look forward to meeting Ryan’s posse this coming Thursday night. If you are interested in hosting a group of your own, let us know! It’s a great idea for an intimate friendly gathering, and with their donations each guest ends up paying less than they would if you convened at a restaurant!

Plus we have a trailer to show now!!!

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